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Hi there! My names John, I am 48 years young and I love all things’ Health, Fitness and Wellbeing. From childhood, I have always been active and played sports. From the school Football Team and Rugby Team, to the Athletics and Cross-Country Running Team. I wanted to do everything, and I did.


Looking back, it wouldn’t be unusual to play competitive sport in one form or another every day, with boundless energy and little regard for my physical well-being. Besides back then, I was young, supple and physically able to easily deal with the all the challenges.


This level of sport and activity continued into Adulthood where I also developed a love for the Mountains, in particular skiing. I pursued my Love of skiing and achieved an International level Instructor and Coaching qualification, along with a small apartment in the French Alps to help me fuel this passion.


During all this time, Health, Fitness and Wellbeing was always front and centre of my mindset. I trained hard, and was always inquisitive of ways to further develop my fitness levels, whether that be learning new skills, using different fitness tools, or different protocols. I would be open to trying anything and everything to achieve my fitness goals.


As I got older and a little more experienced, I recognised that Health and Wellbeing doesn’t just mean physical fitness. My focus for a long time was based mainly around that but there was so much more to it.


Of course there is physical fitness, but what about the mind and Psychology allowing me to perform at my best? I learned how nutrition also plays a major role in both my physical and mental fitness, not only what I put in my mouth but the timing of when I do it.


I met great teachers and athletes along the way who introduced me to the concepts of specific breathing techniques to aid in both performance and wellbeing, and how meditation and mindfulness could help me overcome some of my chronic pain and injury issues.


I am just an ordinary guy who has loved being active and healthy all my life. On my journey I have travelled and met numerous people who have inspired and helped me along my way to being as good a version of myself as I could be.


As I approach Fifty years old I just want to share some knowledge and experience I have had over all those years, highlighting what has worked for me and some tools I have found invaluable, and also share some of the latest research in the field of Health Wellbeing and Longevity.


They say Old father Time waits for no man……..which to a certain extent is true, but with the right mindset, knowledge, and application we can keep old father time at bay!


When we get older, especially in the Health and Fitness industry it’s easy to get left behind and forgotten. I want to share my experiences along with my struggles in the hope I can help you and others to become the best version of yourself.


If I educate or inspire a single person to try something new, that helps them evolve into a fitter, healthier, happier version of themselves and to turn back the clock, then this website will be a success.


I will leave you with this analogy; We have to start treating our body and being much like a very valuable material possession, like a sports car. We need to look after the engine, with regular maintenance checks and oil changes. We need to ensure we have sparkling paintwork with regular polishes, and we need to look after all the moving parts and drive it often and carefully to keep it running smooth!


If we do all these things, the car like ourselves will become a classic, we will become ageless!


If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,




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